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Free keyword research tool

Keyword Research Tool is a small, lightweight program that discovers new Keywords that are easy to rank according to a keyword or topic you choose. In addition to keywords, you’ll also see the monthly search data for each keyword returned, CPC, and the competition percentage.

To use the software, simply enter a root keyword (ex. SEO) and hit the search button. The software will then talk directly with Google and pull up to 10 keywords per search. In minutes you’ll have huge lists of keywords you can use for search engine optimization, pay per click, or any other purpose. These are the same keywords you’ll see when searching directly inside Google, so you know they’re commonly searched because Google displays them as suggestions to users.

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In addition, you can import a huge list of keywords to the application, and in one click you will see all the data for the keywords, so you can easily get the best keyword that fits you.

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Keyword Research

You can search for any Keyword You want, and the application will take care of getting the Top 10 Keywords related.

Bulk Research

Now with the New Version, you can add a bunch of keywords and check them one click.

Rank Higher

You will get all the data needed to select the Best Keyword For your content. (CPC, Competition, Search Volume)

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