Generatepress Theme Customization (Blog Design)

Generatepress Theme Customization (Blog Design): After receiving numerous requests, we have made the Generatepress Theme Customization (Blog Design) accessible to everyone. Blog design also is the most requested design in our poll result, and we have fulfilled all your requirements with this design. If you need more customization on this design, wait for the v2.0 release.

What is GeneratePress Theme Customization?

GeneratePress is a popular free and open-source WordPress theme for extensive customization and modification. Here is an overview of GeneratePress theme customization:

  • GeneratePress provides a highly customizable backend using the native WordPress Customizer for changing settings and options. Site admins can customize layouts, typography, colors, spacing, backgrounds, and more.
  • Extensive theme settings allow control over site width, margins, paddings, containers, grid systems, element styling, and theme performance options.
  • Developers can further modify GeneratePress using child themes. This allows changing style sheets and functions without losing customization during theme updates.
  • GeneratePress is compatible with industry-standard page builders like Elementor, giving drag-and-drop control over modifying theme layouts and design.
  • The modular plugin-based architecture makes it easy to extend capabilities through official GeneratePress premium add-ons and third-party plugins.
  • Hooks, filters, and theme support for features like WooCommerce make GeneratePress adaptable and versatile for developers needing advanced customization options.
  • A responsive mobile-first design provides control over customizing styles and layouts across devices.

How to get this file for free?

A. Do the below steps to get this file free:

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Steps To Achieve Generatepress Theme Customization (Blog Design v1.0)

Step 1: Create Important Pages, Posts, and Categories.

Before starting anything, you must have at least 30+ posts with different categories. Also, add important pages (About Us, Contact Us, DMCA, Privacy Policy)

After adding categories and important pages, you are ready to continue to the next step.

Step 2: Install All Required Theme And Plugins

Install and activate all necessary themes and plugins separately. The downloaded folder includes the GPL version files for Generatepress Premium Theme and Generateblocks Pro.

Required Themes And Plugins For GeneratePress Theme Customization APK Design:

GeneratePress ThemeTheme (Free Version)
GeneratePress AddonPlugin (GPL Version)
GenerateBlocks Plugin Plugin (Free Version)
GenerateBlocks Pro Plugin (GPL Version)

Once all required themes and plugins are installed, we are ready to set up the Blog design on our website.

Step 3: Upload Images In The Media Folder

We provided all necessary image files for the GeneratePress Theme Customization used in our APK design.

Remember these Image Sizes to achieve our app design check below table properly:

Website Logo Size350 x 70 (PNG)
Website Favicon Size512 x 512 (PNG)
Post Feature Image 512×512 (WebP, JPG or PNG)
Social Button Images64 x 64 (PNG)

Step 4: Upload All Required Files

We provided all necessary files for the GeneratePress Theme Customization used in our Blog design. So please upload files one by one.

Before uploading any files you must do some important settings:

Go to WordPress Dashboard – Appearence – GeneratePress – Activate All Modules

Go to WordPress Dashboard – Appearence – Customize – Site Identity – Set Logo & Favicon (Tick Hide Site Title & Hide Site Tagline) after this click publish.

You are now prepared to upload your design files. Let’s begin.

First File: Go to WordPress Dashboard – Appearence – GeneratePress – Import / Export – Click Choose File – Select “blog-shineads-theme-settings” file – After selecting file click Import

Second File: Go to WordPress Dashboard – Tools – Import – Under WordPress Click Install – After successfull install now click Run Importer – Choose File – Now select “shineads-blog-home-pages” file – Upload Fiel And Import

Third File: Second File: Go to WordPress Dashboard – Tools – Import – Under WordPress Click Install – After successfull install now click Run Importer – Choose File – Now select “shineads-blog-elements” file – Upload Fiel And Import

Fourth File: Now go to WordPress Dashboard – Appearence – Customize – Additional CSS – Copy all CSS codes from shineads-blog-css file and paste it on Additional CSS section and clcik publish.

Now all files have been uploaded successfully. Now clear the cache once and also refresh the page once. 

Now Go to WordPress Dashboard – Settings – Reading – Click On A static page (select below) – Choose “Home” or “Home Grid” as Homepage.

Clear Cache & Refresh Page

Step 5: Create Menu

Now go to WordPress Dashboard – Appearence – Customize – Menus – Create Primary Menu With Categories.

Now you have achieved almost 60% of our blog design

From here, you need to oversee the installation video; otherwise, you will be stuck on setup and need to achieve our design 100%.


On our website, we have shared free GPL themes and free GPL plugins for all. The shared file is the latest GNU (GPL) licensed file.

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