Genesis Framework + Genesis all Themes

Genesis Framework + Genesis all Themes
Genesis Framework + Genesis all Themes

On my YouTube channel and Telegram Group, more people are asking, why don’t you share the GPL files of the Genesis Framework and Genesis Child Themes. So after the demand of many people, today I am sharing the GPL files of the Genesis framework and its child themes today.

Genesis Framework GPL Free Download

File NameGenesis framework
Updated On29-05-2020
Download LinkClick Here
Genesis Framework GPL Free Download

Genesis Child Themes

Navigation Pro Genesis Child Theme

Breakthrough Pro Theme

Revolution Pro Theme

Outreach Pro Theme

Kickstart Pro Theme

Jessica E-Commerce Theme

Pretty Chic Pro Theme

Outfitter Pro Theme

Hello! Pro Theme

Cafe Pro Theme

Market Pro Theme

Slush Pro Genesis Child Theme

Brunch Pro Genesis Child Theme

Beautiful Pro Genesis Child Theme

Agency Pro Genesis Child Theme

Aspire Pro Genesis Child Theme

Boss Pro Theme

Workstation Pro Genesis Child Theme

Pretty Creative Pro Genesis Child Theme

Glam Pro Theme

Kreativ Pro Genesis Child Theme

Daily Dish Pro Genesis Child Theme

Corporate Pro Genesis Child Theme

Foodie Pro Genesis Child Theme

Parallax Pro Genesis Child Theme

Studio Pro Genesis Child Theme

Enterprise Pro Genesis Child Theme

Refined Pro Genesis Child Theme

Authority Pro Genesis Child Theme

Academy Pro Genesis Child Theme

Elegance Genesis Child Theme

Gallery Pro Genesis Child Theme

Wellness Pro Genesis Child Theme

Divine Pro Theme 

Agent Focused Pro Genesis Child Theme

AgentPress Pro Genesis Child Theme

Quick Review of Genesis Framework and Genesis Child Theme

Today I would like to do a quick Genesis Framework Review of the WordPress Theme by Studiopress. I’ve been using the Genesis Framework for a while now and I can honestly say this is by far the best theme I have used.

When I first started online I experimented with many different themes both free and premium
(including Thesis) and in my opinion, none of them offer the flexibility, security, and ease
of use that Studiopress does.

In regard to Thesis, Thesis is one of the most common premium themes out there, mainly because of its ability to be customized.

I mean you can customize pretty much anything with Thesis and it’s a really good theme, but in my opinion, Thesis comes with a huge learning curve and I just didn’t have the time or patience to learn it.

The Genesis Framework on the other hand, is as simple or complex as you want to make it.

it doesn’t have near the complexity of Thesis but Studiopress provides free plugins and widgets to customize pretty much anything you want.

If you don’t already know, Studiopress and the Genesis Framework is provided by Copyblogger. You know, the huge content marketing blog.

I don’t know about you but for me, it just makes sense to use a theme designed by WordPress
experts, bloggers, and SEO professionals such as those from Copyblogger.

Now, the Studiopress themes are a little bit different than most other themes out there and that is because instead of installing one theme, you actually install two themes that work together.

The first theme is the Genesis Framework. This acts as a foundation for design, security, SEO, and future updates.

Once the Genesis framework has been installed, you then install a child theme that is essentially
the main design element that rests on top the framework.

Confusing? Maybe a little bit, but you can think about it like this, and this is right on Studiopress’s website:

If your website is a car, WordPress would be the engine, the Genesis Framework would be the frame and body and the child theme would be the paint job.

So what are the advantages of having the framework separate from the child theme?

Well, for one, it’s extremely reliable. If you think about it, the same Genesis Framework is used for every Studiopress theme so you can rest assured that it gets the attention it needs when it comes to security updates and support.

Also, if you ever want to change the looks of your website, you can easily switch to a new child theme and the majority of your theme settings and SEO settings will remain unchanged.

Another advantage is if you create multiple WordPress sites, you can export the framework
and SEO settings from one site as a template to import into a different site.

This is a huge time saver if you regularly work with multiple WordPress sites. If you are wondering about theme support, once you purchase a Studiopress theme set, you get access to the community support forum along with many different tutorials.

They have both been an invaluable resource for me on several occasions and I strongly recommend using them if you ever run into a sticky situation.

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