How Can I Choose Right Career Path? [100% Success Method]

How Can I Choose Right Career Path? [100% Success Method]

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How can I choose Right Career Path? [100% success method]
How can I choose Right Career Path? [100% success method]

Only the right career can bring your smile forever in your life. According to the survey, 93% of the students aged 14 to 21 were aware of just seven career path options though there are more than 250 different types of job options available in India. (source: India Today )

Why is a career path important?

In our daily life, when we can’t decide how to go to a specific place, we use google map to find the route. So similarly, first of all, you need a destination, then you must create a route map to go there.

This daily basic is also applicable to our future or career. And the route map is called a career path in the career aspect of our life.

Career Path tells you where you stand now? Where you go after a particular time of periods such as 5years or 6years etc. The right career path gives you the right direction to your life.

But one thing you can’t create a whole path at a time because some time you need to change it. So it is not a static process, it is dynamic, and it requires consistency to create and change according to your life situation.

[SOLOUTION ]  I can’t decide what to do for a career?

Does every student have this type of statement that they can’t decide what to do? What is my passion? Have I any talent? etc, etc.

But honestly believe you can get all the answers when you are just sit down and ask yourself because the solution to this question is different man to man. So just hear your own heart with your brain. Keep patience to ask yourself that What to do for a career? What do we want from my life?

How can I choose Right Career Path? [100% success method]
How can I choose Right Career Path? [100% success method]

How to choose a career path in 7steps

Step 1 : Be aware of available new career path options.

First thing you have to keep in mind that a lot of new career path options are available right now. And if you have not seen all those opportunities then firstly know about that. Just be aware of new unique career path options and try to think smart and out of the box.

Step 2 : Discover your interest.

After that, you just sit alone and ask yourself what you want to love or in which topic you liked most or passionate about it. Don’t force yourself to know your interest because if you push yourself, you can’t discover.

You know that most of the discovery has happened suddenly, but scientists just observe the total incident. Similarly, just like a scientist, you also need the patience to keep quiet and watch your day to day life. It is a best method to discover your interest.

Step 3 :Select few career option and Note it.

According to your interest, you can select a few (5 to 15)career options. After that, you can note it to see at a glance. Try to know more details about these career options and also record it.

You can also use coloring pens to highlight what you most prefer. Otherwise, you also tick or give star marks which you prefer most.

Step 4 : Check : Is it possible to make a career as a full time?

This step is too easy. And these steps can bring more clarity in your brain. Just see on google, quora or any other platform to check that what you select that you can opt as a career full time. You can watch successful people and their lifestyle in that particular field.

If you have any issue then you can unselect or remove these options from your noted list.

Step 5 : Calculate Competition

Now again look out the list which you can create. And take every option and try to find out their journey with the competition. Suppose you want to be an engineer then check the competition of entrance exam, after going to college check the placement stats, etc.

You can use 80-20 principals here. And also you check the popularity, how many students appear at that entrance, how many got chance, demand vs supply, etc, etc.

One thing if demand is high but supply is normal or less then obviously competition is low .

Step 6 : Calculate your capability.

According to the competition level, you also need to calculate your capability. As an example you can score yourself that how many hours you can work, how is your concentration power, focusing power, etc. There is no hard and fast rule to calculate your capability. Just be evaluated by yourself.

Step 7 : Exclude some option according to your capability and competition

After that take a comparison about what that field needs and what you have. If there is a huge gap between your capability and your competition, you should exclude some options from the list.

Step 8 : Make complete focused destination.

Finally, you can get the final two-three options. Make a complete one destination with the help of some discussion of elders. But sometimes the elder demotivates you, so don’t offend. Listen to the sound of reality, not imagination. If elders are saying word based on reality then you should not ignore that point. Hope you understand!

step 9:Create a career path for upcoming 5 or 10 years

Now it is time to create a career path for the upcoming 5 or 10 years. We don’t think about our long terms goal. So to become a successful person you need to create a road map for a long term purpose.

  • Note: You should create a path by using only one sheet. Don’t make it too long. You can use mind mapping techniques for better presentation.
  • Others influencing factors.
  • Only thinking can’t work. So after all of this, you must take action towards your destination otherwise everything and every effort will go underwater and the neat results will be ZERO.
  • Now it is time to execute your plan. So that you can reach your goals. And also open up your mind if you can see another new opportunity
  • .Be flexible that you can change your plan anytime because some time google Maps does not show the shortcut paths but you can see them when you are habituated to that place similarly it is also the same.

Hope you can understand all the things, if any doubt just comment in the below section.

Mistakes for choosing career

  1. Sometimes they are excited about the money. 
  2. They also are excited about the future, name, fame without seeing the journey.
  3. They listen to what society says, not what is exactly right for yourself.

Lastly, if you can’t then go for career counseling. But one thing that is the biggest decision of your life. So it is expected to research more info about new career options. It is right if you go, career counselor, they suggest better. But you also be aware of yourself what you like, what you want to be , what is your capability, competition, etc, etc.

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