[Latest] WP Safelink With Key Free Download (v3 and v4)

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[Latest] WP Safelink With Key Free Download (v3 and v4)
[Latest] WP Safelink With Key Free Download (v3 and v4)

WP Safelink – I know lot of people searching in internet WP Safelink plugin with key. But WP Safelink plugin not available with key free. Today your search is over, Yes Today we provided WPSafelink v3 and WPSafelink v4 plugins with key free, so download it and enjoy.

WP Safelink – Link to Adsense Converter

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Solution for those of you who have a downloadable blog but want to install Adsense on a blog that violates the Adsense policy. WP Safelink WordPress Plugins are the solution to the problem you are experiencing right now.

WP Safelink Best Features

Auto Generate Link

Automatically make all external links into links that will make money on a special page that is safelink for Adsense ads.

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Manual Generate Link

In addition to having automatic genarate link mode, these plugins are also equipped with manual generate Link’s to generate internal links.

New Short & Long Generate Link

In v3.0 there is the addition of short links that can display shorter links so they look more professional.

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Counter View & Click

Complementary features in WPSafelink v3.0 can count the number of visitors who click the converter link, so it can easily manage the links that are clicked on.

Three Permalink

There are three types of permalinks in the version Newfrom WPSafelink. These 3 types of permalinks can help display more perfect Adsense ads running.

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Anti Adblock

Block pages for visitors using the Adblock extension, this will help produce a perfect CTR value.

Increase Your Adsense Earnings with “WP Safelink”

WPSafelink works as if making a shortlink and at the same time presents a page that will deceive visitors to click on ads on the page, in this way, it will certainly increase your Adsense CTR to 2x and even multiply.

WPSafelink is specifically for those of you who have or are managing a download blog, whether it’s freeware or pirated like a lot of roaming the internet world.

Of course they already use methods like this, Well … now it’s your turn to reap the Adsense dollars from the download blog that you are managing.

About WP Safelink

More Suitable For Website Apps / Software Downloads

WP Safelink is WordPress plugins that will help your blog / website get hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Perhaps many people who do not know yet about how to make money from a download blog because of the adsense install.

Of course you can, as long as you know how, and of course this method has been widely used by other bloggers, so do you want to miss this method and ignore the results of Adsense? To get Adsense money from pirated download blogs, the risk that you will get is a banned Adsense account.

Well, then what do you do ?? he said candidates banned Adsense, how can you make money from Adsense?

We introduce “WP Safelink” WordPress plugins that will help you to get money from Adsense with pirated software download blogs, pirated videos, pirated applications, without fear of being banned by Adsense.

Version of WP Safelink

  • WP Safelink v3
  • WP Safelink v4

WP Safelink v3 with key Download free

WPSafelink v3 with key free download yes you heard right, we shared key with file so download it enjoy

WP Safelink v4 with key Download free

WP Safelink v4 with key free download yes you heard right, we shared only file so download it if you need key (Free) then contact me on telegram – @proseoblogger or mail me – proseoblogging@gmail.com

How to download WP Safelink plugin for free?

Just click download below download button and get your free wp safelink, enjoy.

Is this GPL file?

No today we provided file with key. For v4 you need to contact me on telegram or email after getting your response ill give you key free

Post Update Details

File NameWP Safelink
File TypeOriginal with key
File Versionsv3 and v4
Post Published On08-06-2020
Post Updated On08-06-2020
Post Update Details

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Download Links

Mediafire Link – http://dlslink.net/392a7194

Mega Link – http://dlslink.net/fbd8d3c5

For v4 Key you want to do 2 easy tasks

Task 1 – Join our Telegram channel @seoblogguide

Task 2 – Subscribe our Youtube ChannelClick Here

After doing both task contact me on telegram @proseoblogger ill give you v4 key

If you facing any problem then contact me in telegram or gmail – @proseoblogger or proseoblogging@gmail.com

WP Safelink Installation and setup video

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