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Free Download Upstream Plugins; Today, we have shared the latest version of the Upstream Plugins with all Upstream Extensions for free download to everyone. The shared file is not nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this GPL file on unlimited websites.

Free Download Upstream Plugins
Free Download Upstream Plugins

Upstream Plugins Features

UpStream Helps You Track Progress – You can set and track major milestones for your project. Each milestone has start and end dates. You can easily see your progress with the Project Timeline and Calendar View extensions.

Your Clients Will Love UpStream – Your clients can view projects on the front end of your site. With the Frontend Edit extension, clients can also interact with the project, create tasks and bugs, and upload files.

UpStream Speaks Your Language – UpStream is pre-translated into English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Portugese, and Italian. In addition, UpStream is 100% localized and ready for translation to any other languages.

Enter Any Data You Need, Using Custom Fields – UpStream offers you custom fields, so you can collect any information you need. Customize your projects, tasks, bugs, files and milestones.

Discuss Anything About Your Projects – UpStream is fully integrated with WordPress’ default comments feature. You can discuss any aspect of your UpStream projects.

Time Tracking and Budgeting – The Time and Budget Tracking Extension lets you track time spent, and amount spent/budgeted on tasks, projects, and more. An automatic timer can time your activity.

Get The Reports You Need, Anytime – The UpStream Reports extension offers a complete reporting solution, letting you filter by nearly any field and display your data in tables, charts, and more.

Field Level Permissions – With UpStream Advanced Permissions, you can set field level permissions on projects, tasks, milestones, and more. You can make certain fields visible, hidden, or read-only, depending on user roles.

Upstream Plugin Buy Now Link

Interested in UpStream? Try Before You Buy – Are you curious about UpStream? You can test UpStream with a free demo site that has all the extensions. Click here to try UpStream.

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Free Download UpStream Advanced Permissions Extension v1.4.2

Using an XML definition file, you can set view, edit, create, and delete permissions for any UpStream object, as well as individual fields.  Want to hide a field from certain users?  You can do it with Advanced Permissions.  Want to make certain objects read only? You can do that too. The Advanced Permissions extension allows you to define permissions for users in a nearly infinite number of ways.

Free Download UpStream API Extension v1.1.0

The UpStream API extension allows you to customize UpStream to suit your business requirements quickly and easily. With the UpStream API extension, you can perform REST requests to create, edit,  and manage UpStream objects.

Free Download UpStream Calendar View Extension v1.6.4

This extension allows you to easily see everything that’s happening in a a single project, or all your projects. You can see due dates for all the milestones, tasks, and bugs.

Free Download UpStream Copy Project Extension v1.3.0

This extension allows you to duplicate any existing UpStream Project. Many UpStream users will create one project template and copy it for every new project.

Free Download UpStream Custom Fields Extension v1.10.3

This extension allow you to collect all sorts of extra information for your projects, milestones, tasks, bugs, and files. Custom Fields supports radio buttons, dropdowns, file uploads and more.

Free Download UpStream Customizer Extension v1.2.1

This extension allows you to upload your own logo and choose colors for project areas. With Customizer you can easily brand and style the frontend of the UpStream plugin.

Free Download UpStream Email Notifications Extension v1.6.4

This extension allows you to send email updates and reminders to people working on your projects. Users will be notified about Milestones, Tasks or Bugs that are assigned to them.

Free Download UpStream Forms Extension v1.1.2

With the UpStream Forms extension and Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, or WPForms, you can build custom forms that allow your users (or anonymous website viewers) to create new projects, assign and set information such as start dates, end dates, progress, users, colors, and much more, and even build out project trees.

Free Download UpStream Frontend Edit Extension v1.18.5

This extension allows you (and your Clients) to update projects via the frontend of your site. You can add and edit Tasks, Bugs, Files and Discussions directly within any Project.

Free Download UpStream Naming Extension v1.0.0

The UpStream Naming extension lets you customize UpStream text. People use UpStream for all sorts of different industries, and one thing we often get asked about is whether it’s possible to change the names of UpStream objects in order to better fit a business requirement.

Free Download UpStream Project Timeline Extension v1.6.2

This extension allows you to add a Gantt-style timeline chart to your projects. View color-coded Milestones and Tasks in a beautiful timeline, and easily see how your projects are progressing.

Free Download UpStream Reporting Extension v1.3.0

With the UpStream Reporting extension, you can create Gantt Charts, pie charts, bar graphs, calendars, tables, and more.  Choose from dozens of built in reports, and filter by any combinations of parameters or custom fields to zero in on the data that you want to see.

Free Download UpStream Time Tracking and Budgeting Extension v1.0.4

UpStream Time Tracking allows you to track the time you and your team spend on tasks, projects, and bugs. With the UpStream Time Tracking extension, you can track the time spent on all parts of your project. You can enter time manually, or use the built in timers to record time spent automatically.

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