Generate Press-3 strong reasons for everyone love this theme

Generate Press-3 strong reasons for everyone loves this theme

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Generate press – What’s the fastest WordPress theme? Let’s take a look. Today here we are describing fast or the fastest WordPress theme.

Here ill share 2 Generatepress theme customization videos please check.

Generate Press-3 strong reasons for everyone loving this theme

Ok, so the next thing we’re going to need is a fast WordPress theme. Now years ago I remember testing free themes, and to this day I see a lot of people getting into WordPress, and the first thing they do, of course, is going to the WordPress repository and search for free themes.

Free is such a good word. But the thing to understand is that many of these very well-meaning developers are still finding their way in the world of coding; they’re not yet as good as they’re going to be one day and that means that there are thousands of themes out there that are free, but they’re also poorly coded.

On the other hand, paid themes with real support and teams of experienced excellent developers don’t cost that much.

Typically a good theme costs well under $100 per year. Hence, anybody even if they’re on a budget should invest on a professional theme if they care about the user experience of the website and their stress levels because nothing’s worse than having a website with traffic and having your theme break for example during an update where parts of the theme are so badly coded that they simply stop working. The developer is nowhere in sight to provide a patch or an update to that theme.

And yes, that’s happened to me in the past. So when it comes to optimization we want a lightweight theme, we don’t want a big heavy theme bloated with code because that’s going to drag down the performance of the website.

Now I’m going to mention the three themes that I like, but I’m also going to ask you to comment if you use a different theme. You think it’s worth a mention, and I’m going to put a link at the bottom of this post to my blog where you can see the up-to-date themes that I recommend as well as the theme that I’m currently using myself on my blog.

I’m sure these three themes I’m about to mention will still be very, very cool for many years to come, but please do check the link just to double-check that I still recommend those three themes in the future.

Generate Press-3 strong reasons for everyone loving this theme.
Generate Press-3 strong reasons for everyone loving this theme.

WP Astra

Ok, so the first theme is Astra: WP Astra. This is one of the fastest WordPress themes on the planet; this is not a random claim, they do test these things, and they show plenty of proof.

Now I’ve used Astra before on my blog. I saw Astra pop into the market, and I bought it straight away and replaced my original theme.

I also use Astra on many other websites, and I’m pretty happy with it. The pro version of Astra comes with a ton of features, site layouts, typography options, blog layouts, multiple header designs, and flexible footer layouts.

They integrate very well with WooCommerce, as well as some learning systems. Astra also comes with a huge library of really well-designed templates that you can install with just one click.

I use the pro version; it’s an annual fee as most professional themes are, but it’s very affordable. It means that you get top-notch support, and it also helps them keep the lights on.

Generate Press

Now the next theme that I like is Generate Press. I love this theme and I’m using this theme on my blog right now at the time of this post writing, although that may change when I mention the next theme.

Now for me, Generate Press is super cool, it’s very lightweight, it has superb performance, it’s extremely well-coded as is Astra by the way, the pro version has a similar set of features such as typography, layout control, hooks and filters and so on. Generate Press also have a library of pretty cool templates.

Now I have to say in my opinion WP Astra templates have the edge; to me, those the designs are more visually appealing, but I don’t use templates on my blog, I just build the pages from scratch so for me that’s not a must-have feature.

As I say, Generate Press really impressed me so much so that it became my current theme on my blog; I replaced WP Astra with Generate Press. Again this is a super-fast theme, and that’s exactly what we want when it comes to WordPress optimization

Now just like Astra, you can get Generate Press for free, which is the pro version with many features stripped out, but for what it costs to have a professional theme with the extra features and the great support, I would always recommend that you go for the pro version.

Ok so now let’s talk about one of the fastest WordPress themes I’ve come across so far: this is Ocean WP, it’s blisteringly fast, and now you can get this theme for free just like you can WP Astra and Generate Press.

All you pay for are the premium extensions, but those are optional. Now, as with the other themes, Ocean WP also comes with templates.

Ocean WP

Some of the features of Ocean WP include full responsiveness, which of course, we expect these days with any theme, and it’s E-commerce ready. Now Ocean WP has some great features built directly into the theme, so you don’t have to use plugins to get that functionality.

For example, they have a native cart pop-up; if you’re doing e-commerce, then this is great – it can definitely help you increase conversion rates.

The theme also has a floating Add to Cart bar; again, this is another conversion rate booster, and these things are built into the theme, which is going to help you reduce bloat when it comes to adding too many plugins.

Page Builder

Now all three themes I’ve mentioned – Astra, Generate Press and Ocean WP -work with many of the most popular page builders including Elementor and Beaver Builder.

If you use any other page builder such as Breezy of Visual Composer or Divi and you’re interested in any of these themes, then just double check on their page that they do support the page builder that you use at the time.

Any of these three themes with the right set up ie, hosting and the right plugins, is going to get you great results. In the end, it’s going to come down to preference: some themes may have better templates or better functionality according to what you need.

Now there are many themes out there, and many of them are very good. There are other fast themes, for example, Elementor’s own Hello theme, which Elementor says is the fastest WordPress theme ever built, and they have the numbers to prove it.

The Hello theme is very basic; it’s really vanilla install, and the whole idea is that you have a very basic theme stripped out of most things that other themes have, and you use the page builder to create your website.

Keep in mind that themes are usually built to enable you to set up your entire website without using a page builder; when you do add a page builder, then you’re not really using all that functionality on the theme, so the Hello theme solves this problem.

I also hear very good things about the Neve theme, which I haven’t had the chance to test yet, so those are two additional themes to add to this list of ultra-fast WordPress themes.

The reason I focused on Astra, Generate Press, and ocean WP is that those three are the themes that I am familiar with that I know are touted as the fastest WordPress themes.

Now on that note, I’d be very interested if you’re using a theme that I haven’t mentioned and you’re getting great results, so please do share in the comments, and that way we can all benefit.

So if you’re interested to know what I’m using right now and you want to double-check that, I’m still recommending these themes.

every WordPress theme comes with 2 types of licenses one is with original key and another one is GPL license

GPL means or full form is General Public Licence. In this version, you will get the preactivated file you just install this file you will use all premium feature free.

ill completely explain GPL themes in future articles. Every time I recommend buying the original version of this theme. but if you wanted to just test purpose then go with the GPL version of any theme.

if you want to test GPL themes then download it from our telegram channel @seoblogguide. here you will get clean and virus free scanned GPL themes for free. here also you will get all WordPress GPL themes and plugging for free.

Generate Press-3 strong reasons for everyone loving this theme

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